AEP Type



  • Used for wastewater treatment factory, tolet, wastewater treatment factory for people
  • Used for chemical factory, Plating industry, food factory, fertilizer factory, colored factory, rubber factories, glass factories, chemical processing factory.


  • Gas connection parts made of PVC hard plastic to corrosion resistance
  • The inner installation of motor is also made of PVC hard plastic so not worry about corrosion, cooling motor rely on supply and exhaust air outside, in case of too heat, the features are also preventive protection
  • This machines are checked strickly during installing pineline, moreover the design also have small spaces


  • Vapour : PVC hard plastic corrosion resistance

-          Temperature : 0-40oC

  • Structure : Impeller : diagonal flow

             AEP: closed ball bearing

  • Matetial : Casing : PVC plastic

Shaft : S35C

  • Installation places: indoor
  • Installation method: floor mounted
  • Motor : all open, 200V, 4P

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