SVC Type



  • Waste water and impurities from building
  • Used in industry and factory
  • The public machine type
  • Waste water and other dirt


  • The weight is light and small form, easy to use
  • Because sealing is made of mechanical seal, high durability
  • SVCA. SVCT are controlled automatically and to be controlledto follow the change of water lever, SVCT is double pump to be controlled alternating parallel


  • Liquid nature: - Waste water and sewage

-          Liquid temp: 0-40oC (PH 5-9)

  • Structure:-Impellersemi-vortex
  • Material : - Impeller: Cast iron FC2000

-   Shaft :stainless steel SUS403 (under 3.7kW) or SUS420J1(over 5.5kW)

-   Casing: Cast iron FC200

  • Motor : - Type: Dry water:

-Power: dòng 3 pha 200V

- Rotation speed: 3000 min-1

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