SVM Type



  • Water supply for household and buildings
  • Water supply for factory
  • Heating and cooling system


  • The width of pumps:

With the diameterfrom 25 to 100mm width of pumps, feature the function of pumps

  • The simple service

The pipeline healed mechanical heal so the parts of pumps to be removable, morever thecapacity over 11kW, due to high-function , to be changed motor.

  • The small spaces design

The features are vertical form and inner line form and light weights, high-stick

  • High-reliable

Due to the feature of bearing having mild-door, operating stability


             Liquid nature: - Fresh water(PH: 5.8-8.6)

                                         -Liquid temp: 0-40oC

             Max.depth: - -6m (at 20oC)

-5m (at 20oC)

-4m (at 20oC)

             Structure:   - Impeller: closed

- Bearing:

- Sealing :mechanical seal

             Material: - Impeller: under and over parts SCS13, Thânbơm: thépkhônggỉ SUS304

             Motor : - Type : SJM2 outdoor open outside and SJM3 outdoor open outside

- Power : 3 phase, 200V

- Pole: 2

- Rated speed: 3000 min-1          

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