MTP Type



  • Water supply in apartments and buildings
  • Pumping coolant water
  • Water suuply in industry
  • Pressure boosting
  • Water supply irrigation and agriculture


  • The small type, high-turbineperformance, on the other hand due to the activity of impeller provides high performance
  • Due to application of nikashiru memory power, self-priming becomes more useful.
  • The direct connection motor and cores is not necessary, operating the sound becomes lower
  • Due to feature comply to B.P.O structure, easy to check


             Liquid nature: - Fresh water

-          Liquid temp: 0-40oC

             Max.depth: - -7m ( 20oC)

             Structure:   - Impeller: closed

- Bearing

- Sealing :mechanical seal

             Material: - Impeller:   CAC 406

-   Shaft: stainless steel SUS 420J2,3 phase type: stainless steel SUS 304

-   Casing :Cast iron FC 200

             Motor : - Type : single type and 3 phase

- Power: single ,100Vand 3 phase, 200V

- Rotation speed: 3000 min-1

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