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imgThe reliable, clean and safe distribution of drinking water to homes and businesses is the obvious first priority of any water supplier. However, leakage and overflow can cost water companies much more than the water lost from the distribution system.

How water is distributed depends on topography and local regulation, and often a mix of gravity pipes and pressure pipes systems are used for the best results. Our company can supply pumps and controls for the entire water distribution system, including main and local pumping stations, ensuring reliable management of pressure zones throughout the pipes network.

Wastewater treatment is the process of removing contaminants from water discharged from domestic, industrial or commercial premises as well as surface run-off. Wastewater treatment typically utilises mechanical, biological, and chemical processes to remove these contaminants. The process of wastewater treatment varies from simple tanks, relying solely on sedimentation, to the refined treatment processes with advanced biological treatment that we know today. Treatment aims at reducing the pollution contained in the wastewater such as bacteria and viruses, oxygen consuming components, nutrients, pharmaceuticals, chemical substances and heavy metals from wastewater before it is discharged to the receiving waters. Ourcompany offers a broad range of equipment designed specifically for wastewater handling and treatment. The sustainability of a sewage treatment plant requires that the solution is durable, ensuring cost effective and trouble-free operatio.

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