About us

We support the realization of a recyclable society with an eye on global environment through the comprehensive power of the “ TERAL” group brand.

About the new Teral Group brand logo

Putting the 5 letters of “ TERAL” in a row, and connecting them to each other, expresses the strong cohesiveness of the Teral Group and ít dynamic growth as a new brand. The italicized text design emphasized in a lateral direction suggests the pursuit of the liveliness and the ideal corporate stance for each of the group companies which persue without interrupting or impeding the graceful flow of water and air. The deep blue invokes the profound volition of the Teral Group which aims to realize a recycling society based on water and air, and relized through intelligence backed with abundant experience and reliable expertise.

What is TERAL?

The name” TERAL” was crated by combining”TERR”,the Latin term for the Earth, with”RALLY” in the sense of” revival” or”recovery”.

The name incorporates our hope to restore the earth with water and air.

Expanding the great ring that links wind, water and humanity.

Throughout society there has been a new forcus on the quality of daily living and an increase in activities aimed at protecting the global environment. Reducing the burden on the environment while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle to the greatest degree possible. The realization of such a sustainable recycling society is a common theme for all people today.

We the Teral Group, have made steady advances in a variety of fields and have focused on the environment as a group of specialists involved in working with air and water. From a variety of pumps and fans to large scale water processing and greenery introduction systems, every single part of our products is based on our reliable technologies and corporate philosophy of protecting comfortable environments through high efficiency, low resource and energy usage, reduction of waste and other measures. The Teral group is dedicated to working towards the realization of a graceful society which revolves around clean water and air while maintaining cohesiveness through further integration of group companies in this age of ever intensifying and complex customer needs.